Interesting construction facts (Интересные факты строительства)

The history of the development of construction originates from ancient times and is inextricably linked with the history of the development of human society. Even in ancient times (about 2 million years ago), a primitive man built his own housing - a structure with walls, an entrance, and sometimes with a frame and a roof, laying the fundamental elements of the buildings of the future. For the construction of housing used stones, wood, mammoth bones, clay. And today, in these countries of the world, huge buildings have been built - administrative, multi-storey residential buildings, unique engineering structures and cathedrals, industrial and hydraulic facilities and many other structures that testify to the development of science and technology, the talent of architects and builders.

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With the growth and development of European cities, the face of functional buildings has changed. Brick and stone houses, warehouses, new streets, public buildings and churches were built in the new style. Characteristic features of the new urban buildings were large windows, spacious rooms and magnificent facades, testifying to the respectability of the popular middle class. In Amsterdam, Stockholm, Cologne and Vienna, houses and streets took on new features. Modern architecture has developed in this style. Thanks to the Greek columns, made in the exquisite Baroque style, the building of the Altes Museum in Berlin received the appearance of a majestic and timeless building.

History of construction development (История развития строительства)

The lancet arch came to the aid of the builders. Gothic arches and vaults are lighter than massive Roman vaults. They are supported by pillars of carefully hewn stones. These pillars look like a bundle of bundles. Thin stone bundles rise from the floor along the pillar, then, as if sliding off it, stretch upwards, forming the ribs of the vault, and intersect with each other at its highest point. The Gothic design made all parts of the building extremely light, giving it a lacy grace. The beauty of the facades of Gothic cathedrals was emphasized by numerous sculptures and stained-glass windows.

The building has a total of 18 floors, of which the top 2 are above ground level, and the bottom two are underwater. In the elevated part of the hotel there is a conference hall for up to 1000 people, a large hall for celebrations, restaurants and cafes. The underwater floors house a restaurant overlooking the aquarium, while 337 residential rooms are located on the 14 floors between these areas.

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