Interesting construction facts (Интересные факты строительства)

Gothic architecture was supposed to convince of the frailty of everything earthly. At the same time, a person with his mind and labor proves the exact opposite. Therefore, the Gothic cathedral is not so much a stone hymn of religion, but a hymn to earthly beauty, a hymn to the talent of masters who worked for the glory of their native city. The Greeks laid the foundations of architecture, having developed an order system, the Romans used it, using new artificial materials (brick, concrete), laying the foundations of construction equipment and organization of work. Gothic gave rise to a fundamentally new constructive system of arches and vaults.

скважина севастополь Для начала составляется задание, ставятся задачи, определяются цели. По окончании специалисты составляют подробный технический отчет относительно проведённых мероприятий и прилагают сопутствующую документацию: карты местности, таблицы, разрезы, фото. Тщательно проводится подготовительный этап, сбор информации, проверяется наличие документации относительно проведённых в прошлом работ подобного типа, специалисты анализируют ранние результаты.


The building has a total of 18 floors, of which the top 2 are above ground level, and the bottom two are underwater. In the elevated part of the hotel there is a conference hall for up to 1000 people, a large hall for celebrations, restaurants and cafes. The underwater floors house a restaurant overlooking the aquarium, while 337 residential rooms are located on the 14 floors between these areas.

History of construction development (История развития строительства)

At the same time, large engineering structures were built. The construction of the large Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (California, USA) was completed in 1937. The length of the main span was 1737 m, and the two towers rose 227 m above sea level.

The heir of the ancient power was ancient Rome, which borrowed the classical order from the Greeks. The buildings of Rome reflected the idea of ​​the power and inviolability of the Roman military empire. These ideas are most vividly embodied in the building of a giant circus, which is called the Colosseum, from the word "ear" - "giant".

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