Interesting construction facts (Интересные факты строительства)

As a result of the Second World War, by 1945 more than 40 million houses had been destroyed in the main cities of Europe and it was necessary to build new ones, primarily residential ones. In place of the destroyed and old unusable buildings, new reinforced concrete and steel framed buildings were erected.

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The Romans adopted many ideas from the Greeks, but developed many new technologies and designs themselves. They learned how to make concrete about 200 BC. At first it was used to build foundations, but soon they began to use it to build walls and huge domed roofs. They developed arches for the construction of buildings, bridges and aqueducts. For 200 years BC, insulas were built in all Roman cities - four- and five-story buildings - housing.

History of construction development (История развития строительства)

One of the most ancient civilizations on earth is a distant, mysterious Egypt. And now a person is captured by the frozen buildings of the pyramids, the sculpture of the sphinx, guarding the realm of the dead, the greatness of the temples. The pyramids held the remains of the pharaohs. The stone pyramid of Pharaoh Sakhur in Abu Sir, near Memphis, was built around 2200 BC. A covered corridor from the lake formed after the flood of the Nile led directly to the memorial hall.

With the growth and development of European cities, the face of functional buildings has changed. Brick and stone houses, warehouses, new streets, public buildings and churches were built in the new style. Characteristic features of the new urban buildings were large windows, spacious rooms and magnificent facades, testifying to the respectability of the popular middle class. In Amsterdam, Stockholm, Cologne and Vienna, houses and streets took on new features. Modern architecture has developed in this style. Thanks to the Greek columns, made in the exquisite Baroque style, the building of the Altes Museum in Berlin received the appearance of a majestic and timeless building.

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